Things to do

Did you go to a good movie over the weekend? Have you figured out how to cook decent dinners for yourself? Is there a TV show you refuse to miss? What tips can you offer to relax and unwind after a long day of grading papers or matching wits with students? Here's your space to share.

  • Idea for those of you who find that you don't have time to cook or money to eat out:Prepare the tough part of meals on Sunday. I make the meat for my meals on Sunday afternoon so when I get home during the week alls I have to prepare is the rice (whole grain Lipton noodles are easy as pie and healthy) and frozen vegetables (easy steam bags take 8 minutos baby). And voila, you have a well-balanced meal in 15 minutes or less! HVD
  • Good flick: Chalk. It's a mockumentary about the first year of teaching. It's HI-larious, but oh so real. I got it on Netflix so I don't know if it's something easy to find in video stores. HVD
    • I rented Chalk a few weeks ago, since Hillary was such a fan. Definitely entertaining and also a little sad! [mes]
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